Friday, July 5, 2013

World Guernsey Conference Show

The Island held their annual show during the conference. There were about 70 head in the show. Blaine Crosser of the US judged heifers and some group classes. The show took from 10 am to 4 pm, then really know how to extend the fun in the show ring here! The 3 bulls in the show were judged by a gentleman from the Island. The trophy for the bulls was originally given by the US - the American Pilgrimage Trophy. They still use the tradition of looking for adequate 'golden' pigment in the ears and end of the tail as was specified by the original US importers looking to ensure a Golden product for their US customers. We also had the treat of seeing the judge inspect teat placement on the bulls - who says teats on a bull are useless? There was also a Golden Guernsey Goat show.
The 5 Year-Old class led by the eventual Champion, a daughter of a Royal Oak son owned by Ray and James Watts.

The Grand Champion on the left with the Res. Champion, an Aged cow owned by R. Jamaneau.

The trophy table. These are all silver rotating trophies presented to the winners at the end of the day and expected to be returned well-polished for the following year! Among them was the bull trophy given by the US and a trophy given by the New Jersey GBA.

The gallery was large and full of opinions. The show was, at times, hard to follow as the classes were not announced and the international crowd was not familiar with the format or classes. But, the quality was great and a good time was had by all.

One of the more popular cows at the show, a 1st calf 3-year-old from the Watts Family. Very youthful and fancy. She is by a Pedro son.

One of the most beautiful trophies at the show was this sculpture of a Guernsey cow. It was the only one that did have a protective case.

The clear favorite among the Americans was this Sr. 2-Year -Old owned by the Watts Family (their cows dominated the show). She is sired by Oak Knob Maxies Laredo and has the style and udder to compete in anywhere in the world. She looked just as stunning in the freestalls last night where we saw 3 more Laredos in the their second lactation, all very quality cows. Also saw a set of MINT twins that were impressive. We have seen a number of daughters of an ICEBERG son here on the Island in several herds and are considering the possibility of bringing some semen to the US.

The 5-Year-Old class. The darker cow in 4th is an EX-91 Conqueror. Most of the Conquerors here are older as he was used here first and only exported to the US after he was about 5 years old. The daughters have been very impressive so far.  

The Laredo 2 yr old again. VERY impressive young cow!

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