Thursday, July 4, 2013

World Guernsey Conference on Guernsey Island

The World Guernsey Conference is held every 3 years around the globe. This year's conference is on the Island of Guernsey! The conference, which is only 3 days long, is usually surrounded by about 3 weeks worth of touring Guernsey herds and other points of interest in the host country. The group spent about a week in England and will now spend 2 weeks on Guernsey. Suffice it to say that the 4th of July was not quite the same on this side of the Atlantic. The Island of Guernsey is not technically part of England itself, but they do still claim an allegiance to the Queen.
La Heche Farm on Guernsey makes their own Ice Cream with the help of lots of family.

Bonnie and John Ayars and Patty McMurray enjoy a herd visit right on the edge of the English Channel.

A Famers' Market was a highlight early in the week. These Guernsey youngsters are making Guernsey butter. If you've never tried it you'll be surprised at the vivid golden color of pure Guernsey butter. All the dairy products on Guernsey have a rich golden hue.

The scenery combined with the cattle is breathtaking.

True Guernsey enthusiasts will be used to a habit of taking a picture or at least a double take any time you see a reference to anything "Guernsey'. This habit is maddening until you are used to being on the island and realize everyting is named "Guernsey" because that is where we are. We will spare you the photos of 'Guernsey GasNGo' and 'Guernsey Central Bank'...

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