Sunday, July 7, 2013

World Guernsey Conference Banquet

The World Guernsey Conference concluded Saturday evening with a banquet attended by more then 150 Guernsey enthusiasts. The large worldwide contingent was augmented by many of the local Guernsey Island farmers (16 farms on the island).
WGCF President Ray Watts of Meadow Court Farm on Guernsey welcomed attendees. The banquet was attended by the Lt. Governor of the island, who is appointed by the Queen herself, and by the Bailiff of Guernsey, who serves as the head judge on the island among other responsibilities.

It is a custom at the final banquet of a World Conference for the attending countries to present a gift to the host country. Seth Johnson of AGA (left) presents the gift from the USA to Ray Watts.

The gift was a model Guernsey bull customized with the markings of Les Jaonetts Caras Conqueror, the first bull whose semen has ever been exported from Guernsey to the US.

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