Friday, July 5, 2013

For The Love of Brown Swiss

A total of 5 Madison Champions (and two Supreme Champions) have called Sunshine home over the years! An impressive feat!

Milk and Honey Tonis Tessa EX91 has a Total Winter calf selling in the National Sale. Tessa also has eye pleasing heifers and cows sired by Supreme, Total and Wonderment on the farm.

Sun-Made HF Zeus Kayla 2E93 is the dam of lot 16 tomorrow. 

An EX Agenda 4-Year-Old daughter of Toni Tessa.

An impressive line-up of deep pedigreed cows.

A long time crowd favorite- Forest Lawn Anthem Busy 3E94 is at Sunshine making eggs. Busy is owned by Elite Dairy. You can check Busy and her favorite owner Ken out in the July Brown Swiss Bulletin Word Dairy Expo Ad. 

Chris Keim addresses the group

Cozy Nook Farm- Tom, Joan and Charlie Oberhaus 

WI Cow of the Year- Cozy Nook Pronto Twylight. 5 #1 eggs by Payssli sell tomorrow! 

Tom gave a tour of the free stall barn

A great group of impressive individuals with great udders and even better records! 

Twinkle-Hill Farm owned by the Winkelman family.

A group of fancy March calves that are offered as a choice at tomorrows sale caught the eye of all that walked through the barn. Be sure to check out lots 12 and 13 C.

Twinkle-Hill Total Tracy EX90 is fresh again and looking to be out this fall. This outstanding Total is just fresh. 

Some of the famous "A" family at the farm

A line of rear udders made up of "A" family members. Production and type!

The first stop of the morning was to Horseshoe Hill owned by the Uglow family. 

The gorgeous front entrance to the barn was a welcoming sight this morning. 

A special Spring Calf- Jetway X Premium Shila- Her full sister was Nominated AA Summer Yearling in 2011 and most recently topped the 2013 Mid-West Revue. 

Nick Uglow, Larry Meyer and Ben Sarbacker 

Root Beer Floats made with Sassy Cow Ice Cream were served.

A group from the tour checking out the calves in the hutches.

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