Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mid-East Summer National Heifer Show

The Mid-East National Summer Heifer Show just completed this Friday morning, July 28 in Columbus, Ohio.  Pat Conroy of Angola, Indiana, is serving as judge for the two-day show.

Junior Champion of the show was the ultra-dairy Summer Yearling by McCutchen, Arolene McCmtchen Atlanta, owned by Bowen, Doeberiener & Schilling of West Salem, Ohio. Reserve honors went the beautiful Dempsey Winter Calf. Ty-D Dempsey Lovemmy-ET owned by Matt Kael, Trey, Kayson & Stockton Leak of Utah. Honorable Mention honors went to the second-place Winter Calf owned by Garrett Havens of Fremont, OH, Jacobs Solomon Louisa-ET.

19 Spring Calves
1) Miss Brook Hollow Suzee Q, Brook Hollow Farm, West Salem, OH; 2. OH-River-SYC JCBY Breezy, Victoria & Emily Deam, Sugarcreek, OH; 3. Topp-View Atwood Raquel, Topp-View, Botkins, OH; 4. Southern-Hills DB Milky-Red, Southern-Hills Holsteins, Bethel, OH; 5. Ack-Lee Dempsey Rida, Ack-Lee Holsteins, East Liberty, OH.

31 Winter Calves
1) Ty-D Dempsey Lovemmy-ET, Matt Kael, Trey, Kayson & Stockton Leak, UT; 2. Jacobs Solomon Louisa-ET, Garrett Havens, Fremont, OH; 3. Budjon-Abbott DR Addidas, Bowen, Doeberiener & Schilling, West Salem OH; 4. Kulalan Braxton Trista, Tim Cummings, Sidney, OH; 5. Jennell Bearsley MC Grear, Victory & Emily Deam, Sugarcreek, OH

22 Fall Calves
1) Maple-Dell Gold Indigo, Bowen, Doeberiener & Heath, West Salem, OH; 2. Reyncrest Byway Ladonna-ET, Triple-T, Heath & Berry, North Lewisburg, OH; 3. Quietcove Dorrman Flicker, Quietcove Holsteins, Wapakoneta, OH; 4. Bulldog McCutch Jade, Tim Gunkelman, Burbank, OH; 5. Hodgons Clark Pearl, Topp-View, Botkins, OH

13 Summer Yearlings
1. Arolene McCmtchen Atlanta, Bowen Doeberiener & Schilling, West Salem, OH; 2. Ree-Kay Kinboy Cace, Hayden King, West Liberty, OH; 3. Jacobs Doorman Mail-ET, Jeff & Megan Brown & Triple-T, North Lewisburg, OH; 4. Toppglen Diamondback Wanda, Cole Pond, Woodstock, OH; 5. Brookview Archriv Polarpop, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH.

13 Spring Yearlings
1. Duhibou Doorman Padmay-ET, Alyson Phillips & Makayla Osigna, New Bavaria, OH; 2. Quietcove Foxys Talapeno, Quietcover Holsteins, Wapakoneta, OH; 3. Quietcove Foxys Lollipop, Quietcove Holsteins, Wapakoneta, OH; 4. Brooview Rocket Queen, Triple-T & Eric Havens, North Lewisburg, OH; 5. Wabash-Way Beemer Nora, Wabash-Way Holsteins, LLC., New Weston, OH.

11 Winter Yearlings
1. Ms T-Triple-T Pokerface-ET, Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewsiburg, OH; 2. Welk Shade Sid Kit, Charles Gleisner, Greenwich, OH; 3. Brookview AR Likeable-TW, Laurie Menzie, White Light Holsteins, McClure, OH; 4. Topp-View Atwood Lisa, Topp-View, Botkins, OH; 5. Plainfield Beemer Ginny, Plainfield Farms, Belmont, OH

8 Fall Yearlings
1. Toppglen Defiant Wowwee, Toppglen Farm, New Bremen, OH; 2. Scratchwell Ladd Rockin RC, Matt Oechsle, Van Wert, OH; 3. Futurama Brady Nikete, Jeff Knoop, Fletcher, OH; 4. Ren-Bow Savior Pixie, Steve Bowen, Rockford, OH; 5. Express-SMD Dillon Aida, Express & Stna-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

Check back for more show coverage on tomorrow's cow classes and the HolsteinWorld Exclusive for additional show coverages.

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