Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mid-East Summer National Cow Show

Saturday evening, 16 beautiful three-year-olds paraded through the ring in front of Judge Conroy in the 60th National Futurity which was dedicated in memory of John Spreng. Winning the top honors was T-Triple-T Play It Again ET, also named Best Udder & Best Bred & Owned. Exhibited by Jeff Brown, she is owned by Triple-T Holsteins of North Lewisburg, Ohio. Second was Quiet-Cove-W Fever Whitney owned by Quietcove & Austin Trbovich of Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Sunday morning the balance of the show began with the Milking Yearlings. After an outstanding cow show it was the Four-Year-Old, Bucks-Pride Gold Chip Winnie that took home top honors. She is also the Best Bred & Owned Cow of the show and owned by Topp-View & Bucks-Pride of Botkins, Ohio. Reserve honors went to the Five-Year-Old owned by Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins of East Liberty, Ohio, Budjon-JK Atwood Ekira-ET.

Milking Yearlings (4)
1. Entourage-LC Prosper-ET, Triple-T & Entourage-LC, North Lewisburg, OH; 2. Lake-Point Corvette Lindze, Kari Michalovich, Lakeville, OH; 3. Rosedale Sexy Lexi-ET, Quietcove & Trbovich, Wapakoneta, OH; 4. Express-SMD Nikita-P-Red, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

Jr. Two-Year-Olds (18)
1. Trent Valley Sid Aly, Triple-T, Heath & Cummings, North Lewisburg, OH; 2. Ms Brookview Scardycat, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins & Brookview Farm, East Liberty, OH; 3. Express-SMD NayNay-P-Red, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH; 4. T-Triple-T Pokerchip-ET, Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, OH; 5. Kiko Gold Chip Maddie, R & P Kiko Farms, Salem, OH

Sr. Two-Year-Olds (14)
1. T-Triple-T Perfect Storm-ET, Triple-T & Entourage LC, North Lewisburg, OH; 2. Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Kitty, Ackley, Oechsle & Meyer, East Liberty, OH; 3. Cambridge Atwood Elie-Et, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 5. Lindlaur Sabathia Aflac, Lindsay Lamoreaux, Louisville, OH; 5. Comstar Hope Goldwyn, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

Jr. Three-Year-Old (3)
1. Mar Ste Gold Chip Cher, Allison McCummins, Sidney, OH; 2. Jenneil-PC Heztry Colorado, Victoria & Emily Deam, Sugarcreek, OH; 3. Indian-Stone Braxton Variety, Charlie Henry, Versailles, OH.

Sr. Three-Year-Olds (6)
1. Ms Windbrook Blair-ET, Mike Maloney, New Bavaria, OH; 2. Chakelburg Evasion Kaught, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 3. Juniper-Haven Atwood Doll, Bowen, Doeberiener & Heath, West Salem, OH; 4. Del-Ray Gabor Elida, Donald Fisher Farms Inc., Covington, OH; 5. Ms Triple T Ashonishing-ET, Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, OH

Four-Year-Olds (9)
1. Bucks-Pride Gold Chip Winnie, Topp-View & Bucks-Pride, Botkins, OH; 2. Delcreek Lil Slice of Heaven, Triple-T, Heath & Black, North Lewsiburg, OH; 3. Wildina Atwod Cindy, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 4. Miley Gold Chip Gazella-TW, Miley Holstien Farms, West Salem, OH 5. Bucks Pride Gold Chip Sue, Brandon Sugg, Wooster, OH

Five-Year-Olds (4)
1. Budjon-JK Atwood Ekira-ET, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 2. Meadow Green Windbrook, Triple-T & T&L Cattle, North Lewisburg, OH; 3. Aurora-Rama Ava-ET, Ashley Hawvermale, Wooster, OH; 4. Kokosing Dapper Revlon, Kyle Hudson, Bucyrus, OH

Aged Cows (4)
1. Craggan Goldwyn Zing, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 2. Miley Reality Fortune Gina, Miley Holsteins, West Salem, OH; 3. Raygor Alexander Tara, Scott Sprunger, Dalton, OH; 4. Kayebrook BMR JoJo RC, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

150,000 Lb Cow (1)
1.  Steel-Lane Laurin Joelle, Stell-Lane Holsteins, Dover, OH

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