Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wonderful start to the 2017 National Ayrshire Convention

It's an inspiring start to the National Ayrshire convention on day one today. The youth had a day full of awards, participation and fun all while building new relationships and then the direction for a new year was started following the board meetings, where the people who we have elected and instilled our trust in are looking for and making plans for the future of our breed.
An exciting day! The future of our breed!

(Find a few of the youth awards highlighted below)

Our adorable Pre-Junior Record book winner!

Record book participants and winners. 

Super cute and enthusiastic pre-junior photo contest participants! 

Lily Charapata of Wisconsin and her photo model and the Best of Show photo contest winner! 

New York Juniors - Quiz Bowl Runner-ups

 Paige Demun of New York Outstanding Youth, Jeopardy Winner, High Test Score Winner, Record Book Winner.

Excellent owned cows - owners! Congratulations ladies and gents, along with those not in attendance!

Outstanding youth candidates and winner, Mackensie Schofield of Maine. 

Delaware County Iowa - Quiz Bowl Senior teamRunner-ups

Team Illinois - Quiz Bowl Senior Winners

Congratulations to the future of the breed! 

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