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Washington Awaits….for National Holstein Convention Goers

From the June issue of the HolsteinWorld Exclusive

The Washington Holstein breeders look forward to hosting the convention goers June 27 – July 1 in Bellevue, Washington. They have scheduled an eventful five days full of opportunities to enjoy all that Washington has to offer. Registration forms and additional information are available in the April issue of the HolsteinWorld Exclusive or online at www.2017holstein.com.

Enjoy a beautiful drive through Western Washington on the way to Lewis County. Your first stop is a fifth-generation, 650-acre crop and dairy farm focusing on Excellent Holstein and Jersey genetics. Claquato Farms Inc. is run by Dusty, Derrick and Denny Young in the Chehalis River Valley. The Young family actively exhibits on the local, state and national levels. They have received multiple All-Washington and All-American nominations. Then, you will head to Hol-Star Holsteins owned by Pete and Andy Portmann. Hol-Star milks 140 cows, with a BAA of 110.1, and a Herd Average of 25,000 lbs., 4.0% F, 3.2% P. Portmann Dairy is home to outstanding cow families including the Teary Durham, Faithful and Cora families. After the tour, enjoy a feast complete with locally sourced oysters, drinks and dancing.

Claquato Farms
Claquato Farms is a five-generation, 650-acre crop and dairy farm with excellent Holstein and Jersey geentics. The farm is currently run by the fifth generation, Dusty, Derrick and Denny Young. The sixth generation is very much a part of the farm, busy with daily chores, registry, local, state and national competitions in and out of the show ring.

Claquato Farms was founded in 1867. The first generation of the young family travelled from Maine and Massachusetts and boarded the ship in New York to come out west. Interestingly, their trip started the same day President Lincoln was assassinated. Claquato is a local Native American term that means high ground, as the farm sits on a side hill overlooking the cornfields and the Chehalis river valley.

All young stock is housed on site and the majority of all feed is made on the farm. Claquato Farms was originally 100% grade Holsteins, and applied for its registered prefix in 1972. With a focused breeding program and a few key purchases, they have reduced their grade numbers to less than 2%. Claquato is also well-known prefix in the show ring, winning many state and national titles in Holsteins and Jerseys, as they have been showing competitively since 1970. The prefix was secured in 1972 by Kevin Young, who was very interested in owning all registered animals.

Claquato Farms has garnered many unique and varying achievements over the years. The farm was on the cover of the Hoard's Dairyman in 2006 for the Holstein portion of the judging contest. Kevin and Margaret Young were honored with the title of Washington State Master Breeder in 2002, and their son Dusty was the Washington State Young Breeder in 1997. Claquato farms has been the home of two EX-95 point cows, Edgebrook Charles Beaco[G1] n and CurtMar Supersire Robinetta-TW. Robinetta-TW was purchased in 1999 and is the daughter of Combination Supersire and out of a VG-86 Algonquin daughter. In addition to being scored EX-95, she boasts an EX-97 mammary system. Her daughter, Claquato Goldwyn Regina, is EX-94 95MS. Regina’s daughter, Claquato Sanchez Rosalie-ET, is also EX-94 95MS. The fourth generation of Robinettas are up-and-coming, with Claquato Windbrook Rosettte being scored EX-90 at three years old. Regina also has two Excellent Sid daughters on the farm.
There are even more influential cow families at Claquato, including that of Holywell-I Encore Staci EX-90, who now has nine Excellent descendants (four daughters, one granddaughter, three great-granddaughters and one great-great granddaughter!). Another influential cow is Walnutlawn Skychief Jess-ET EX-90, purchased at the Sale of the Stars in 2000. Many of the herd’s cows trace back to Jess, who was one of those featured on the 2006 Hoard’s Dairyman.

Hol-Star Holsteins
Hol-Star Holsteins is a family operation owned by the Portmanns of Raymond, Washington. Pete and Chris Portmann are the eldest generation on the farm, operating with son Andy and his wife, Denise, as well as their children, Raegan and Tyson. Located 30 miles from the coast, the Portmanns milk 140 cows and raise 150 young stock on 200 owned and 200 leased acres. Their BAA is 110.1 and have a rolling herd average of 25,000M 4.0%F 3.2%P.
Also accomplished within the state, Peter Portmann has been recognized as the Washington State Young Breeder in 1980 and the Washington State Master Breeder in 2007. Andrew was also recognized as the state’s Young Breeder in 2001. The farm is a three-year winner of the 2016 Progressive Breeders’ Registry.
Three main cow families have established their legacy at Hol-Star Holsteins. The first is that of Hol-Star Teary Durham EX-90. One of the main highlights of that family is Hol-Star Toystory Tiamia EX-94, a Toystory out of an EX-90 Outside daughter of Teary. Another influential cow was Hol-Star Ad Faithfull EX-94, sired by a homebred bull and out of an EX-91 Kersey. The third influential family is that of Hol-Star Durham Cora EX-94, out of an EX-90 Lartist. All three of these families extend back through generations of quality Hol-Star Holstein cows.

Head north to tour Sildahl Farms, breeders of renowned bulls such as Sidahl BW Dutch Boy-ET, Sildahl Airraid, and Sidahl Jett Air-ET, as well as two All-Americans. Eat lunch at Ronelee Farm and view members of the world famous Ronelee Outside Dabble family, including dams and sisters of Ronelee Toystory Domain-ET, Ronelee Midnight Detour-ET, Ronelee Gold Digger-ET, Ronelee Alta Ace High, Ronelee SS Fire and Ice-ET. At the final stop, Markwell Raspberries will be housing some of the best cows in the state for the day, and will be showcasing their raspberry operation, complete with a tasty treat of raspberries and Edaleen ice cream.

Sildahl Holsteins is operated by Fred and Tammi Schoenbackler and are known for such influential AI bulls as Dutch Boy, Airraid and Jett Air. They have been recognized as a Progressive Genetics Herd for 23 years. Fred was the Washington State Young Breeder in 1995, and the Master Breeder in 2012.
One cow that the Schoenbacklers are excited to display is Sildahl A Guitar Hero-ET EX-91. The Hero daughter is out of Sildahl Baxter Albany EX-93 2E, with 140,000M lifetime. She is backed by six more Excellent dams.
An exciting partnership at Sildahl with Kings-Heaven Holsteins has resulted in several daughters of Golden-Rose Raspberry EX-91 at the farm.  Currently, they have two Tango, two Alta5G, one Montross and one Defender daughter. Raspberry is the breed’s first 18th-generation Excellent cow, and each one of her daughters has the potential to be the 19th!

Sherm Polinder and his son Jeff are the owners of Ronelee Farm in Lynden, Washington. The farm is on 425 acres and the current milking and dry herd totals to 400 cows. The Polinders are another very accomplished family, having 13 years as a Progressive Genetics Herd. Sherm was also a National Holstein director in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Sherm, as well as the generations of Polinders who came before, were very active in milk marketing and have served on the Darigold board in many capacities.
In addition to their active lives, the Polinders have won several awards for their breeding accomplishments. Henry Polinder was named Washington State “Mr. Holstein” in 1991 and 1996, as well as the state’s Master Breeder in 1975. Henry was also inducted into the Washington State PDCA Hall of Fame in 1968. Sherm was named “Mr. Holstein” in 2001, and was the state’s Young Breeder in 1975, the same year Henry won Master Breeder. In 1997, the torch was passed, and Sherm was named the Washington State Master Breeder. In 2011, Sherm was also inducted into the Washington PDCA Hall of Fame. Also in 2011, Jeff and Denise Polinder were named the Washington State Young Breeder.
The Polinders have several cows that convention-goers will be delighted to see. Monterey, Supershot and Midnight daughters of Ronelee Feeling Fancy-ET EX-90 are up-and-coming, as well as granddaughters by Franchise. Fancy is a granddaughter of Ronelee Outside Dabble EX-91, with over 185,000M lifetime. Dabble has had multiple sons in AI. A Dabble daughter, Ronelee Facebook Darcy-ET VG-88, is on the Locator List cow with several granddaughters in the herd. A Dabble granddaughter, Ronelee Prdstn Doctrine-ET VG-88, is also on the Locator List and has a Silver daughter at Ronelee. Many, many more in the D family will be on display, all tracing back to Select Mark Dolly EX-95 4E GMD DOM, with over 276,000M lifetime. Another cow family on display will be that of Ronelee Supersire Tara-ET VG-85, another Locator List cow out of a VG-88 Man-Oman. The Polinders were also the owner of VanBuren Outlaw Debbie EX-95, the Holstein cow featured in the famous Purina Bonnie Mohr “Dairy Breeds” print.

Markwell Raspberries & Markwell Holsteins
Come see how raspberries are harvested in the Pacific Northwest! You will get to see two of the Markwell machine harvesters in action, picking the fruit at their peak of nutrition and flavor! You will also get to taste their yummy raspberries as you enjoy raspberries and ice cream.
Markwell will also be offering you a look as some of the animals owned by Washington dairy farmers. A group of farmers will be bringing their best animals for display for you to admire.

Owner Mark Van Mersbergen is a second-generation farmer.  Originally he started as a dairy farmer taking over Markwell Holsteins, Home of the Ravens, from his dad, Marv Van Mersbergen.  He then diversified into raspberries in 1997. He now farms over 90 acres of raspberries, the majority of which go into IQF berries.  He and his wife, Ronda, along with their eight children, are all involved in the business.
One of the most famous cows to come from Markwell is Markwell Durham Raven-ET EX-93, now owned by Pappys Farms, LLC of Utah. Raven’s progeny have gone on to top shows across the country. Another top brood cow is Markwell Durham Daisy EX-92 GMD DOM. Daisy has sent multiple sons to AI and has her own accomplishments in the show ring. Both Raven and Daisy are granddaughters of Markwell Bstar E Raven-ET EX-95 GMD DOM. E Raven was a Blackstar out of an EX-92 Mark.

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