Saturday, April 22, 2017

California State Holstein Show & Red & White Show

The weather was perfect, the cattle outstanding and California hospitality was rolled out during the 2017 California State Holstein Show, April 21, at the Tulare County Fairgrounds in Tulare, California. Judge Carl Phoenix of Sunderland, Ontario had his work cut out for him as he placed both the Red & Whites and Black & Whites in a high-quality and high-number show. Below are a few photos from the champions. More coverage will be included in the June issue of the HolsteinWorld Exclusive.

Junior Champion honors went to the Fall Calf in the Red & White show. Elaine Alvanche Holiday Red topped one of the largest classes in the Red & Whtie show of the day for JT Leonardo. RWD-Five Armani Fancy 2 was the Reserve Junior Champion. The first place Spring Yearling was exhibited by Ruanne Dairy.

Junior Champions of the Holstein Junior Show was the beautiful Fall Calf, Garay Millenium Brisk owned by Danielle Pacheco. Reserve honors went to Camphols Doorman Elisee, the first place Fall Yearling exibited by David Edwards.

Danielle Pacheco and Garay Millenium Brisk took the open show Junior Champion honors as well. Reserve Junior Champion was the Winter Yearling Arolene GoldChip Eliza owned by Frank & Carol and Frank & Diane Borba.

The Borbas had an exceptional day with Grand Champions of both the Red & White Show and the California State Holstein Show. Chubanna Diehard Hearts, the first-place 4-Year-Old took Grand honors for the Borbas. Reserve honors went to Elbridge Abslte Rhonda Red-ET for owner Donavan Miguel. Honorable Mention was the Intermediate Champion, the Sr. 2-Year-Old Ms Barb Action Beauty Red-ET owned by Crazy Chaos Syndicate.

Grand of the Junior California State Holstein Show was Goldcrest Atwood Giggles, the first-place Aged Cow for owner Aspen Silva. Reserve Grand of the Junior Show was the Intermediate Champion of the show, Airosa B Atwood Blush owned by Kyleigh Forster. Honorable Mention went to the second-place Aged Cow, APGambo Marky Sadie-Lou owned by Alexandra Gambonini.

The day ended with the naming of the Grand Champions. The Borba's silky first-place 4-Year-Old, Aldora Alta Dempsey was tapped for Senior and Grand Champion honors. Reserve was the second-place 4-Year-Old owned by Christian Cunningham & Miles Price of Illinois, Silvermaple Windham Camille. Honorable Mention was the 150,000 Lb. Cow, Siemers Atwood Alexia owned by the Borbas. 

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor of the show was Ruann Dairy. Check out more photos at and look for more photos and coverage in the June issue of the HolsteinWorld Exclusive.

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