Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Southern National Ayrshire Show

The Southern National Show was held yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky with Chris Lahmers of Ohio serving as judge. Below are some shots of classes.
Spring Calves - 1. Hawver Crest Shirley Sue, Ashley Hawvermale, Wooster, OH

Winter Calves
1. Mill Valley Jesters Fireball, Mill Valley Farms, Sidney, OH

Fall Calves
1. MJH Whammy Payden, Mike & Julie Hemp, Beaverville, IL

Summer Yearlings
1. MJH Showstar Trixie, Mike & Julie Hemp, Beaverville, IL

Spring Yearlings
1. Old Bankston Riggins Godess, Smith Bros. Dairy, Smyrna, TN

Winter Yearlings
1. Edgebrook Remington Albany-ET, Arthuracres, Maynard, IA

Junior Champion
MJH Whammy Payden

Res. Junior Champion
Old Bankston Riggins Godess

Yearlings in Milk
1. Hoosier Star KB Classy, Lindsay, Kyle & Kelsay Schilling, Boggstown, IN

Junior 2-Year-Old
1. Four Hills Ambush Sammy, Britney Hill, Bristol, NH

Senior 2-Year-Old
1. Hillas Riggins Hollyberry, Halls Ayrshires, Cushing, OK

Junior 3-Year-Old
1. Deer Hill Hannibal Premiumrose, Beverly Donovan, Benton, ME

Senior 3-Year-Old
1. Designer Gene's Olivia, Seth Whiting, Pulaski, PA

Intermediate Champion
Four Hills Ambush Sammy

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Palmyra Ragimore EV B Gigi, Palmyra Farm, Hagerstown, MD
(2nd Jr. 2)

1. Rivervalley Poker Delight-ET, River Valley Ayrshires, Castleton, VT

1. Miller's Bants Bran Muffin, Jack Miller, Braduen, OH

Aged Cow
1. Sharwards Calimero Megan, Mike Maiers, Epworth, IA

100,000 lb. Cow
1. Gatton Paddy Cherry, Still Dreamin' Dairy, Conway, MO

Grand & Senior Champion
Sharwards Calimero Megan

Reserve Grand Champion
Four Hills Ambush Sammy

Reserve Senior Champion
Rivervalley Poker Delight-ET

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