Sunday, November 10, 2013


Dan Sivesind and Mike Hickman judged the beginning of the heifer show at the National Guernsey Show in Louisville, Kentucky this evening.
Spring Calves
1. Four Winds DC Cashmere-ET, Lauren McDonald, Hartland, WI; 2. Berryman Farm Victory Vickie, Berryman Farm, Nicholasville, KY

Winter Calves
1. Blue Moons L Darby, Bill & Linda Blue, Circleville, OH; 2. Four Winds HP Fame Doreen-ET, Vilter & Hillpoint, Hartland, WI

Fall Calves
1. Springhill Mentor Jazzy-ET, Overholt & Springhill, Big Prairie, OH; 2. Autumn Gold Deemand Sugar, John McDonald, Oklahoma City, OK

Summer Yearlings
1. Hartdale Alstar Skittles, Hartdale Guernseys, Mulberry Grove, IL; 2. Faria Farms Active Narnia-ET, Jenna Langrehr, West Salem, WI

Spring Yearlings
1. Triple J Lonestar Marlee, Springhill & Starmark, Big Prairie, OH; 2. Topline Pies Patty, Emily Fisher, Pittsfield, NH

Winter Yearling
1. Craig Moor Tiller Tabatha, Monument View, Geenwich, NY; 2. Warwick Manor Grumpy Aliyah-ET, Stoltzfus & Riley, East Earl, PA

Fall Yearling
1. Maplehurst Judgment Brilliant-ET, Megan Bushman, Calmar, IA; 2. Chupps Farm Adacka Magan, Myron & Mark Erdman, Chenoa, IL

Junior Champion Pull Out

Junior Champion: Maplehurst Judgment Brilliant-ET

Res. Junior Champion: Craig Moor Tiller Tabatha

Guernsey Royalty
Princess: Rachel Nance, Queen; Bethany Trotter

Junior Best 3 Females - 1. Beth Clark, PA

The Cow Show:

Fight Bac Guernsey Futurity
1. Sniders Loral Ashley-ET, Aaron Gable, New Enterprise, PA

Fall Yearling in Milk
1. Dix Lee Kojack Fawn, Dix-Lee Farm, Phillipsburg, MO

Jr. 2-Year-Old
1. Trotacre Indiana Atlantic Honey, Cara & Jamie Trotter, Enon Valley, PA

Sr. 2-Year-Old
1. Sniders Barney Avalynn, Snider Homestead Farms, New Enterprise, PA

Jr. 3-Year-Old
1. Four Winds MM St. Patty, Nicley, Tormoehlen & Crowshaw, Parksville, KY

Sr. 3-Year-Old
1. Campells Regal Utopia, Friendship Farm & Peter Vail, Millbrook, NY

1. Adams Creek Hillpoint Marsha-ET, Adams Creek, Basse & Hillpoint

1. Dix Lee Mission Taffy, Myron & Mark Erdman, Chenoa, IL

Aged Cow
1. Knapps Regis Sissy, Austin & Landon Knapp

 Intermediate Champion
Four Winds MM St. Patty
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Campbells Regal Utopia

Senior Champion
Adams Creek Hillpoint Marsha-ET
Reserve Senior Champion
Hillside Acres Spider Aster, Mary Foote, Hartford, NY
(2nd 4-Year-Old)

Grand Champion
Four Winds MM St Patty
Reserve Grand Champion
Adams Creek Hillpoint Marsha-ET

The Junior Supreme Junior Champion Lead Out - Craig Moor Tiller Tabatha

Junior Supreme Champion, Knapps Aaron Olivia

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