Monday, September 9, 2013

NJS-Harrisburg shots

Judge Carrie Sears & Associate Judge Richard Giddings had their work cut out for them as the Guernsey youth paraded their animals around the ring today. Here are some shots from the show. For complete details, make sure you check out the October Guernsey Breeders' Journal.

Junior Champion & Grand Champion award boxes.

The Royalty

Spring Calf - Warwick Manor Kojack Licorice, Kolby Stoltzfus

Winter Calves - 1st Springhill B Spruce Jezebel-ET, Marshall Overholt

Fall Heifer - Springhill Mentor Jazzy-ET, Marshall Overholt
Summer Yearling - Eternal Flame Moonshine, Owen Pieper

 Spring Yearling Class - Topline Pies Patty, Emily Fisher
Winter Yearling - Warwick Manor Grumpy Aliyah-ET, James Riley
Fall Yearling - Hearts Desire Jackpot Sweet - Marshall Overholt

Junior Champion lineup

1st Winter Calf

Summer Yearling, Spring Yearling & Fall Yearling

Jr. 2 year olds - Warwick Manor Kojack Rollins, Clayton Lehman

Sr. 2 year olds - GR Willow Brook Pies Ronda, Lena Aiken

Jr. 3 year olds - Warwick Manor Adacka Babe, Kaila Stoltzfus

Sr. 3 year olds - Knapps Aaron Jade-ET, Marshall Overholt

Intermediate Champion Line up

Four Year Olds - Millborne Fame Pixels Pixie, Logan Derickson

Five Year Olds - Hi Field Big Ben Blossom, Tanner McDonald Walason

Six Year Olds - Wee Acres Spider Clara Belle - Cara Woloohojian

Senior Champion pull out 

Grand Champion Selection - Jr. Champion, Intermediate Champions, Senior Champions
Congratulations to Junior Champion winner - Owen Pieper of Walton, NY with Eternal Flame Moonshine; Int. Champion & Grand Champion: 1st Sr. 3, Knapps Aaron Jade-ET owned by Marshall Overholt of Big Prairie, Ohio; Res. Grand & Sr. Champion: 1st 4 yr old - Millborne Fames Pixels Pixie owned by Logan Derickson of Middletown, DE.

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