Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Judge Chris Lahmers and Associate Judge, Jeremy Kohler placed the Guernseys today at the NGS-Harrisburg show. Following are some highlights:

Spring Calf

1.       Millborne HP Bentley Holly, P. Morey Miller
2.       Springhill Independence-ET, Marshall Overholt, Springhill
3.       Indian Acres N Parsley Pie-ET, Ashley Sears

Winter Calf

1.       Misty Meadows Rebel Satchel, Beth Clark
2.       Springhill B Spruce Jezebel-ET, Overholt/Springhill
3.       Rutter Bros. Rhinestones Leila, Rutter Bros.

Fall Calf

1.       Springhill Mentor Jazzy-ET, Overholt/Springhill
2.        Monument View JT Rumor, Hunter Duval
3.       R-Way Jueley Rosie, Amber Dietz

Summer Yearling


11.       Knapps Regis Tabby-ET, Kaila Stoltzfus
2.       Misty Meadows Levi Sienna-ET, Beth Clark
3.       Trotacre AP Honolulu-ET, Cara Trotter

Spring Yearling

1.       Hollow View Kojack Dolly, Elsie Wolff
2.       Chupps Autumn Gold Sweetheart, Jamie Trotter
3.       Warwick Manor Jester Lollipop, Karli Stoltzfus

Winter Yearling

1.       Sniders Lone Star Maggie, Macy McDonald Walason
2.       Craig Moor Tiller Tabitha, Trey Duval
3.       Warwick Manor Grumpy Aliyah-ET, James Riley

Fall Yearling

1.       Hearts Desire Jackpot Sweet, Overholt/Springhill
2.       Burgess Farm Pies Autumn, Jeff Thurston
3.       Milborne Hillpoint Yogi Allure-ET

Junior Champion: Springhill Mentor Jazzy-ET, Overholt/Springhill
Res. Jr. Champion: Misty Meadows Rebel Satchel, Beth Clark

Yearling in Milk

1.       Green Slopes Caesar Rebl Rosey, Tanner McDonald-Walason

Jr. 2-Yr-Old

1.       Warwick Manor Kojack Rollins, Clayton Lehman
2.       Oakland Double L Pippa-TW, Travis Covert
3.       Monument View Response J-Lo, Trey Duval

Sr. 2-Yr-Old

1.       Millborne Hillpoint S. Fiesta-ET, P. Morey Miller
2.       Sniders Barney Avalynn, Allie Snider
3.       Lavon Farms Gembo Pepper, Lavon Farms

PA 3-Yr-Old Futurity
1.       Sniders Jester Bobrees, Aaron Gable
2.       Warwick Manor Atlas Clarabelle, Karli Stoltzfus
3.       Sniders Altanic Waylynn, Aaron Gable

Jr. 3-Yr-Old

1.       Walnut Corner Kojack Mya, Ray & Kay Lindsey
2.       Warwick Manor Atlas Clarabelle, Karli Stoltzfus
3.       Lavon Farms Gamble Penny, Lavon Farms

Sr. 3-Yr-Old

1.       Knapps Aaron Jade-ET, Overholt/Springhill
2.       Sniders Jester Bobrees, Aaron Gable
3.       Willow Brook Titanic Lucy, Matthew Aiken

Intermediate Champion – Millborne Hillpoint S Fiesta-ET
Res. Intermediate Champion: Knapps Aaron Jade-ET


1.       Lavon Farms Gemini Jill, Lavon Farms
2.       Millborne Fame Pixels Pixie, Logan Derickson
3.       Rocky Hill Spider Sophie, Tom McCarty


1.       Lavon Farms Rowe Ready, Lavon Farms
2.       Sniders Adacka Bojangle, Snider Homestead
3.       Rutter Bros Showtimes Candy-TW, Rutter Bros.

6-Yr-Old & Over

1.       Sniders Deemand Alabye, Lavon Farms
2.       Sniders Garrett Ashanti-ET, Snider Homestead
3.       Walnut Corner Laylas Ace Mia, Snider Homestead & Ray & Kay Lindsey

100,000/125,000 lb

1.       Sniders Dollars Adeline, Snider Homestead
2.       Rocky Hill Demand Shelby, Tom McCarty

Total Performance Cow

Sniders Dollars Adeline

Sr. Champion: Lavon Farms Gemini Jill
Res. Sr. Champion: Lavon Farms Rowe Ready
Grand Champion: Lavon Farms Gemini Jill
Res Gr. Champion: Millborne Hillpoint S Fiesta

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