Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Final Day Review:

38 heifers were shown in the first Honoring the Legends of Ohio National Youth Heifer Show. Youth from Oklahoma, Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin and Ohio vied for the honors of topping their class. Michael Creek, Palmyra Farms, Hagerstown, MD served as judge. The Junior Champion of the day was Hall's Griggs Shazzy shown by Kristin Allen of Shawano, WI. Reserve honors and Best Bred & Owned of Show went to Hall's Dozer Ritzy owned by McKenzie Stanford. Honorable Mention and Reserve Best Bred & Owned was Mill-Valley Jester's Fireball, exhibited by Garrett Hageman of Sidney, Ohio.

High seller of the sale was Lot 2 at $8600 to Ty & Heather Etgan and Ron & Patti Kennedy of Harrod, Ohio. The two-year-old was consigned by the Hawvermales of Wooster, Ohio. Second high seller was Lot 7, a September 2012 consignment from Kellcrest Farms, Quebec purchased by Ryan Rida of Massachusetts and Henri Hofer, Canada for $8400.

Here are scenes from the day:
Champions of the Heifer Show

Top Seller, Lot 2, (L-R): Mick Miller, sale manager; Tom Fenton, Co-Convention Chair;
Becky Payne, ABA Executive Secretary representing buyer; Melissa Downard, 2013
National Princess; Ashley Hardy, 2013 National Queen, John Hawvermale, Lot 2, Donna Mertz
on the halter, Kelly, Donna and Ashley Hawvermale, consignors. In the box: Dru
Mercer, pedigrees; Tim Eiting, auctioneer.

Melissa Downard, 2013 National Princess; Marjorie Hardy, Ryan Rida, buyer;
Lot 7, second high seller; John Patterson on the halter, Henri Hofer, buyer; Ashley
Hardy, 2013 National Queen. In the box: Mercer & Eiting

Topp boys prepare for the heifer show

Winter Calves

Fall Calves

Summer Yearlings

Spring Yearlings

Winter Yearlings

Fall Yearling winner - Kaitlyn Burrell, Ohio Princess; Melissa Downard, National Princess
Shannon Van der Laan on the halter, Ashley Hardy, National Queen

 Pee Wee Showmanship

Jackpot calves

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