Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grammy Awards Night

The evening ended with awarding the top producing herds and cows in the country as well as honoring the Outstanding Young Farmer, Master Breeder and Distinguished Service Award. The finale was a presentation by Grammy Music Educator Award winner Kent Knappenberger.

High TPE Herd for Milk and Protein
Gurn Z Meadow Farm, Columbus, WI
High TPE Herd for Fat
Walnut Ridge Farm, Middletown, MD
Commercial Herd Award
Coulee Crest LLC, Cashton, WI

Liebers Trophy, Valley Set Award & Arnold Knight Award for Living Lifetime 
Walnut Ridge Magic Cher
Walnut Ridge Farm, Middletown, MD
New England Trophy 
Trotacre Almas Ali
Nyla-Bedford Trophy
Trotacre Indian Altanic Honey-ET
Trotacre Farm, Enon Valley, PA
Tarbell Trophy & California Protein Award
Lily Lane Farm, OK & Trotacre Farm, PA

National Outstanding Young Guernsey Breeder
Jeremy Kohler, Baltimore, OH
Runner-up Brett Dixon, Conway, MO

Master Breeder
Bill & Bev Wachtel, Spring Walk Farm, Big Prairie, OH

Distinguished Service Award
Martha Turley, Orient, OH

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