Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Premier National Junior Shows

It was a full day for Purebred staff covering the Premier National Junior Shows at the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, PA yesterday. Listed are the names of the Champions from the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn national junior shows and ring shots from each of those shows.

Ayrshire Junior Champions - Judge David Sprengler
Paragon-Acres TSB Kinetic, Adam Buckenmeyer, Alexander, NY - 1st Summer Yearling
Old Bankson JC Bri-Ella-ET, Celeste Welker, Woodbine, MD - 1st Fall Heifer Calf
Cedarcut Burdette Eliza ERica, Kayla McCaulley, Cazenovia, NY - 1st Spring Yearling

Brown Swiss Junior Champions - Judge Patrick Conroy
Cutting Edge T Delilah, Kyle Barton, Ancramdale, NY - 1st Winter Yearling
Cutting Edge T Dixie, Kyle Barton, Ancramdale, NY - 1st Spring Calf
Mases Manor Grandslam Lola, John Beiler, Fredericksburg, PA - 1st Fall Yearling

Guernsey Junior Champions - Judge Doug Evans
Warwick Manor Alymo Pie, Karlie Stoltzfus, East Earl, PA - 1st Winter Calf
Trotacre Tiller Maylyn-ET, Cara Trotter, Enon Valley, PA - 1st Fall Calf
Holler-Way Carolina Girl, Julianne Holler, Sharpsville, PA - 1st Spring Calf

Milking Shorthorn Junior Champions - Judge David Sprengler
Buckeye Knoll Pattycake-ET EXP, Hannah Rhoades, Greenville, OH - 1st Spring Yearling
North Star Jacks Edda 146, Sarah Rhoades, Greenville, OH - 1st Summer Yearling
R-Generational Logic Emily EXP, Olivia Kennedy, Cochranton, PA - 1st Winter Calf

Spring Calf Class

Winter Calf Class

Fall Calf Class

Ayrshire Summer Yearling Class

Ayrshire Fall Calf Class

Ayrshire Spring Yearling Class

Milking Shorthorn Spring Yearling Class

Milking Shorthorn Summer Yearling Class

Winter Heifer Calf Class

Guernsey Junior Champion Line-up

Ayrshire Junior Champion Line-up

Ayrshire pull out

Milking Shorthorn line-up

Milking Shorthorn pull out

Ayrshire Grand Champions
Garnett-Lane Avenger Poinsettia, Cassandra Plummer, Galena, MD - 1st 4-Year-Old
Designer Genes Olivia, Seth Whiting, Slippery Rock, PA - 2nd 4-Year-Old
Princess Ginger, Alexis Winkler,Woodbine, MD - 1st Jr. 2 & Intermediate Champion

Brown Swiss Grand Champions
Maple Sugar Martha, Chelsea Young, Tinmouth, VT - 1st 5-Year-Old
WSC Wonderment Christy, Madison Weaver, Ephrath, PA -1st Sr. 2 & Intermediate Champion
Buckeye Knoll Driver Emy, Sarah Rhoades, Greenville, OH - 1st Sr. 3 & Res. Int. Champion

Guernsey Grand Champion
Maple Bottom Pizza Pie, Shelby Hawkins, Scottdale, PA - 1st 4-Year-Old
Ripley Farms A Pie Shelby, Esther Ripley, Moravia, NY - 2nd 4-Year-Old
Knapps Regis Tabby-ET, Kaila Stoltzfus, East Earl, PA - 1st Jr. 2 & Intermediate Champion

Milking Shorthorn Grand Champion
Buckeye Knoll Phenomenal EXP, Sam Rhoades, Greenville, OH - 1st Jr. 2 & Int. Champion
Purple Fever DG Alfredo, David Riley, East Earl, PA - 1st Sr. 2-Year-Old & Res. Int. Champion
Spring Hill Moonshine Fire EXP, Jayden Andrews, Mansfield, PA - 1st 4 & Sr. Champion

Ayrshire 4-Year-Olds

Guernsey Championship (L-R): Jr. Champions, Int. Champions, Sr. Champions

Milking Shorthorn Jr. 2-Year-Olds

Check out the breed magazines for full coverage and placings and champion shots.

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