Thursday, August 14, 2014

Indiana State Fair

Purebred staff had the opportunity to shoot out to the Indiana State Fair for the day and capture some champion shots. Thanks to the Indiana folks for their hospitality and a great show! Check out the photos - tremendous cattle throughout!

Ayrshire Grand & Res. Grand Champions
(R-L)Grand - 1st Jr. 2, Klein's Poker Teah, James Klein & Family; Res. Gr. - 1st 4-Year-Old, Brown-Brook K-Buck Brandy, Nor-Bert Farms. Judge Joe Gibbs

Ayrshire Intermediate Champions
(R-L) Int. Champ - 1st Jr. 2, Klein's Poker Teah, James Klein & Family; Res. Int. Champ - Felton's Magic Moose, Shelly Garrett; Indiana Ayrshire Queen Kylei Klein; Judge Joe Gibbs

Ayrshire Junior Champions
(L-R) Junior Champion - 1st Fall Calf, Klein's Jake's Wendy; Res. Jr. Champion - 1st Spring 
Yearling, Klein's Jake's Jolly - both owned by James Klein & Family. Judge Joe Gibbs

Brown Swiss Champions
(L-R) Judge Lynn Lee; owned by Nor-Bert Farm, John & Lisa Roberts family, Res. Gr. Champ - Jonlee Secret Langwathby, 1st 4-Year-Old; Grand Champ - Old Mill RL Tray Midge ET, 1st 5-Year-Old, Rex Mort & Bob Osborn; Indiana Brown Swiss Queen, Laura Frye; Terri DeWitt Souerdicke presenting the Walter DeWitt Memorial Award for Grand Champion

Brown Swiss Intermediate Champions
(R-L) Judge Lynn Lee; Indiana Brown Swiss Queen, Laura Frye; Int. Champ - 1st Sr. 2, Top Acres Garbros Wishes ET, Garrison Brothers; Res. Int. Champ - 1st Fall Yrlg in Milk, Blessing Bonanaza Kellie, Blessing Farm

Brown Swiss Junior Champions
(L-R) Indiana Brown Swiss Queen Laura Frye; Junior Champion - 1st Fall Yearling, Brook Hollow Hot Tropic; Res. Jr. Champion - 1st Winter Calf, Blessing Tanbark Fanny; HM Jr. Ch. - Blessing Pepper Frankie, all owned by Blessing Farms; Judge Lynn Lee

Guernsey Futurity Champion
(L-R) Judge Lynn Lee; Indiana Futurity Two-Year-Old Champion - Kronk Farm Purple Cream, owned and exhibited by Deanna Kronk; Indiana Guernsey Queen Michaela Alexander

Guernsey Intermediate Champions
(L-R) Indiana Guernsey Queen Michaela Alexander; Res. Int. Ch. - 1st Jr. 2, Kronk Farm Cashton Veronica; Int. Champ - 1st Jr. 3, Kronk Farm Judgement Bailey, both owned by Kronk Farms; Judge Lynn Lee

Guernsey Junior Champions
(L-R) HM Jr. Champ - 2nd Winter Calf, Kronk Farm Popeye Charlotte, Kronk Farms; Res. Jr. Champ - 1st Spring Yearling, Berryman Farm Victory Vickie, Sequa Farms; Jr. Champ - 1st Winter Calf, Nicley's Neon Addy-ET, Darlene Moser & Tom Hoover; Indiana Guernsey Queen Michaela Alexander; Judge Lynn Lee

Guernsey Champions
(L-R) Res. Gr. Ch. - 1st Aged Cow, Adams Creek MM Anisa-ET; Gr. Champ - 1st 4-Year-Old, Sniders Tillers Amaline-ET, both owned by Nicley & Tormoehlens; Judge Lynn Lee

Guernsey Premier Breed & Exhibitor - Kronk Farms
Guernsey Best Bred & Owned - Kronk Farm Judgement Bailey, Kronk Farm

Milking Shorthorn Champions
(L-R) Judge Joe Gibbs; Grand Champion - 1st Aged Cow, Hard Core Rebel Rockette, B-D-F Milking Shorthorns; Res. Grand Champion - 2nd Aged Cow, Innisfail RO Lady 7088-EXP, Lattire's Twilite Farm; Indiana Milking Shorthorn Queen Christy Mote

Milking Shorthorn Junior Champions
(L-R) Indiana Milking Shorthorn Queen Christy Mote; Res. Jr. Champ - 1st Winter Calf, B-D-F Showtime Sweet Feet, B-D-F Milking Shorthorns; Jr. Champion - 1st Fall Yearling, Miss Titan Paris, Ryan Ritchie; Judge Joe Gibbs

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