Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maryland Brown Swiss State Show Invitational

Junior Champion- PA-Lyn Leigh Denver Topsy, owned by Dylan Coleman, Ronks, PA; Reserve Junior Champion- Glad-Ray Tanbark Salsa, owned by Scott Hood, Kathy Whitman and David Eigenbrode, Middletown, MD; Honorable Mention- Rose Lane Jetway Damsel, owned by Lindsey Rucks, Okeechobee, FL

Winner of the 20th Mid-Atlantic Futurity Winner- Old Mill Goliath Tiffany, owned by Brittany Thompson.

Grand Champions- Old Mill Goliath Tiffany, owned by Brittany Thompson; Reserve Grand Old Mill Goliath Snickem, owned by Allen Bassler and Hillpoint Partners, Upperville, VA; Honorable Mention Hoodstead Vigor Perfecto, owned by Nicole Hood, Middletown, MD

Spring Calves
1. Burlin Z Tic Tac, Eric and Faith Bural, New Windsor, MD

Winter Calves
1. Glad Ray Tanbark Salsa, Hood, Whitman, Eigenbrode, Middletown, MD
2. Hoodstead Total Primrose, Nicole Hood, Middletown, MD

Fall Calves
1. Latimore Goldwyn Trouble, Janet Ludwig, York Spring, PA
2. Burlin Brookings Jean, Eric and Faith Burall, New Windsor, MD

Summer Yearling
1. Turnpike View Tanbark Janelle, Dylan Coleman, Ronks, PA
2. Shen-Gold Tanbark Chic, Bendig and McDonald, Gettysburg, PA

Spring Yearling
1. Rose Lane Jetway Damsel, Lindsey Rucks, Okeechobee, FL
2. Brook Lodge Wonderment Fiat, Jarrett Remsburg, Middletown, MD

Winter Yearling
1. PA Lyn-Leigh Denver Topsy, Dylan Coleman, Ronks, PA
2. Old Mill HP Bonanza Ally, Allen Bassler and Jim Hammerand, Upperville, VA

Fall Yearling
1. DJ Wonderment Camelot, Lindsey Rucks and Katie Henson, Okeechobee, Fl
2. Round Hill Emory Destiny, Cassidy Schirmer, Galena, MD

Mid Atlantic Futurity and Junior 2-Year-Old
1. Old Mill Goliath Tiffany, Brittany Thompson
2. Old Mill Goliath Snickem, Allen Bassler and Hillpoint Partners , Upperville, VA

Senior 2-Year-Olds
1. Old Mill Shenandoah Godvia, Allen and Tammy Bassler, Upperville, VA

Junior 3-Year-Old
1. Old Mill Tray Carrie, Cassidy Schirmer, Galena, MD
2. Len Haven Galaxy Liberty, Matthew Lenhart

Senior 3-Year-Old
1. Hoodstead Vigor Perfecto, Nicole Hood, Middletown, MD



Aged Cow
1. Oak Spring Turmoil Vicky, Oak Spring Dairy, Upperville, VA

Component Merit
1. Old Mill P Delottie, Old Mill Farm, Upperville, VA

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