Monday, September 18, 2017

National Junior Shows

Today was the day in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for 874 junior exhibited animals in seven breed shows. Jeff Stevens was the official of the Milking Shorthorn and Ayrshire shows.
Grand Champion Ayrshire:
Old-Bankston JC Bri's Bikini-ET, 1st 4-Year-Old owned by Landree Fraley, Muncy, PA
Reserve Grand:
Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata, 1st 5-Year-Old owned by Erin Curtis Szalach, Cazenovia, NY

Junior Champion Ayrshire:
Hawver-Crest Scarlet-ET, 1st Spring Yearling owned by Izzy Bohrer, Walkersville, MD
Reserve Junior Champion:
Maple Dell Booth Betty, 1st Fall Calf owned by Morgan Murray, Woodbine, MD

Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn:
Designer Gene's Rambo Butterscotch, 1st Aged Cow owned by Kara Yannessee, Edinburg, PA
Reserve Grand:
Millcreek Royalty Lona-TW, 1st Sr. 2 owned by Jayden Andrews, Mansfield, PA
Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn:
KnH Endres Zeus Legendary, 1st Fall Calf owned by Tyler Endres, Lodi, WI
Reserve Jr. Champ:
Mar-Leigh Motown Jolene, 1st Winter Calf owned by Mary Sweeney, Bergen, NY

Jeff Stephens of Canada served as the official for the Brown Swiss Junior Show
 Grand of the Brown Swiss:
Cutting Edge HP Gwen, 1st Sr. 3-Year-Old owned by Aaron Sparling, Ralston, PA
Res. Grand:
Reich-Dale Bonanza Whitley, 1st 4-Year-Old owned by Skyler Reichard, Chambersburg, PA
Junior Champions of the Brown Swiss
Junior Champion Cutting Edge C Kitty-ET, 1st Winter Yearling owned by Nicholas Love, Scottdale, PA
Res. Jr. Champ: Cutting Edge C Demi-ET, 1st Spring Yearling owned by Kyle Barton, Copake, NY

The Guernsey Junior Show was judged by Josh Sanders
Grand Champion Guernseys
Grand: Cleh Tin Farm B Henrietta, 1st 4-Year-Old owned by Kaila Stoltzfus, East Earl, PA
Reserve: Willowbrook Labron Toni, 2nd 4-Year-Old owned by Jake Booher, New Castle, PA
HM: Warwick Manor Sexy Sorority, 1st Jr. 2-Year-Old owned by Karli Stoltzfus, East Earl, PA
Junior Champion Guernseys
Junior Champion: Knapps Kringle Tappy-ET, 1st Winter Yearling owned by Landree Fraley, Muncy, Pa
Res. Jr. Champion: Warwick Manor LS Sky-ET, 1st Winter Calf owned by Kolby Stoltzfus, East Earl, PA

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mid-East Summer National Cow Show

Saturday evening, 16 beautiful three-year-olds paraded through the ring in front of Judge Conroy in the 60th National Futurity which was dedicated in memory of John Spreng. Winning the top honors was T-Triple-T Play It Again ET, also named Best Udder & Best Bred & Owned. Exhibited by Jeff Brown, she is owned by Triple-T Holsteins of North Lewisburg, Ohio. Second was Quiet-Cove-W Fever Whitney owned by Quietcove & Austin Trbovich of Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Sunday morning the balance of the show began with the Milking Yearlings. After an outstanding cow show it was the Four-Year-Old, Bucks-Pride Gold Chip Winnie that took home top honors. She is also the Best Bred & Owned Cow of the show and owned by Topp-View & Bucks-Pride of Botkins, Ohio. Reserve honors went to the Five-Year-Old owned by Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins of East Liberty, Ohio, Budjon-JK Atwood Ekira-ET.

Milking Yearlings (4)
1. Entourage-LC Prosper-ET, Triple-T & Entourage-LC, North Lewisburg, OH; 2. Lake-Point Corvette Lindze, Kari Michalovich, Lakeville, OH; 3. Rosedale Sexy Lexi-ET, Quietcove & Trbovich, Wapakoneta, OH; 4. Express-SMD Nikita-P-Red, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

Jr. Two-Year-Olds (18)
1. Trent Valley Sid Aly, Triple-T, Heath & Cummings, North Lewisburg, OH; 2. Ms Brookview Scardycat, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins & Brookview Farm, East Liberty, OH; 3. Express-SMD NayNay-P-Red, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH; 4. T-Triple-T Pokerchip-ET, Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, OH; 5. Kiko Gold Chip Maddie, R & P Kiko Farms, Salem, OH

Sr. Two-Year-Olds (14)
1. T-Triple-T Perfect Storm-ET, Triple-T & Entourage LC, North Lewisburg, OH; 2. Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Kitty, Ackley, Oechsle & Meyer, East Liberty, OH; 3. Cambridge Atwood Elie-Et, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 5. Lindlaur Sabathia Aflac, Lindsay Lamoreaux, Louisville, OH; 5. Comstar Hope Goldwyn, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

Jr. Three-Year-Old (3)
1. Mar Ste Gold Chip Cher, Allison McCummins, Sidney, OH; 2. Jenneil-PC Heztry Colorado, Victoria & Emily Deam, Sugarcreek, OH; 3. Indian-Stone Braxton Variety, Charlie Henry, Versailles, OH.

Sr. Three-Year-Olds (6)
1. Ms Windbrook Blair-ET, Mike Maloney, New Bavaria, OH; 2. Chakelburg Evasion Kaught, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 3. Juniper-Haven Atwood Doll, Bowen, Doeberiener & Heath, West Salem, OH; 4. Del-Ray Gabor Elida, Donald Fisher Farms Inc., Covington, OH; 5. Ms Triple T Ashonishing-ET, Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, OH

Four-Year-Olds (9)
1. Bucks-Pride Gold Chip Winnie, Topp-View & Bucks-Pride, Botkins, OH; 2. Delcreek Lil Slice of Heaven, Triple-T, Heath & Black, North Lewsiburg, OH; 3. Wildina Atwod Cindy, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 4. Miley Gold Chip Gazella-TW, Miley Holstien Farms, West Salem, OH 5. Bucks Pride Gold Chip Sue, Brandon Sugg, Wooster, OH

Five-Year-Olds (4)
1. Budjon-JK Atwood Ekira-ET, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 2. Meadow Green Windbrook, Triple-T & T&L Cattle, North Lewisburg, OH; 3. Aurora-Rama Ava-ET, Ashley Hawvermale, Wooster, OH; 4. Kokosing Dapper Revlon, Kyle Hudson, Bucyrus, OH

Aged Cows (4)
1. Craggan Goldwyn Zing, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH; 2. Miley Reality Fortune Gina, Miley Holsteins, West Salem, OH; 3. Raygor Alexander Tara, Scott Sprunger, Dalton, OH; 4. Kayebrook BMR JoJo RC, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

150,000 Lb Cow (1)
1.  Steel-Lane Laurin Joelle, Stell-Lane Holsteins, Dover, OH

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mid-East Summer National Heifer Show

The Mid-East National Summer Heifer Show just completed this Friday morning, July 28 in Columbus, Ohio.  Pat Conroy of Angola, Indiana, is serving as judge for the two-day show.

Junior Champion of the show was the ultra-dairy Summer Yearling by McCutchen, Arolene McCmtchen Atlanta, owned by Bowen, Doeberiener & Schilling of West Salem, Ohio. Reserve honors went the beautiful Dempsey Winter Calf. Ty-D Dempsey Lovemmy-ET owned by Matt Kael, Trey, Kayson & Stockton Leak of Utah. Honorable Mention honors went to the second-place Winter Calf owned by Garrett Havens of Fremont, OH, Jacobs Solomon Louisa-ET.

19 Spring Calves
1) Miss Brook Hollow Suzee Q, Brook Hollow Farm, West Salem, OH; 2. OH-River-SYC JCBY Breezy, Victoria & Emily Deam, Sugarcreek, OH; 3. Topp-View Atwood Raquel, Topp-View, Botkins, OH; 4. Southern-Hills DB Milky-Red, Southern-Hills Holsteins, Bethel, OH; 5. Ack-Lee Dempsey Rida, Ack-Lee Holsteins, East Liberty, OH.

31 Winter Calves
1) Ty-D Dempsey Lovemmy-ET, Matt Kael, Trey, Kayson & Stockton Leak, UT; 2. Jacobs Solomon Louisa-ET, Garrett Havens, Fremont, OH; 3. Budjon-Abbott DR Addidas, Bowen, Doeberiener & Schilling, West Salem OH; 4. Kulalan Braxton Trista, Tim Cummings, Sidney, OH; 5. Jennell Bearsley MC Grear, Victory & Emily Deam, Sugarcreek, OH

22 Fall Calves
1) Maple-Dell Gold Indigo, Bowen, Doeberiener & Heath, West Salem, OH; 2. Reyncrest Byway Ladonna-ET, Triple-T, Heath & Berry, North Lewisburg, OH; 3. Quietcove Dorrman Flicker, Quietcove Holsteins, Wapakoneta, OH; 4. Bulldog McCutch Jade, Tim Gunkelman, Burbank, OH; 5. Hodgons Clark Pearl, Topp-View, Botkins, OH

13 Summer Yearlings
1. Arolene McCmtchen Atlanta, Bowen Doeberiener & Schilling, West Salem, OH; 2. Ree-Kay Kinboy Cace, Hayden King, West Liberty, OH; 3. Jacobs Doorman Mail-ET, Jeff & Megan Brown & Triple-T, North Lewisburg, OH; 4. Toppglen Diamondback Wanda, Cole Pond, Woodstock, OH; 5. Brookview Archriv Polarpop, Ack-Lee Reg. Holsteins, East Liberty, OH.

13 Spring Yearlings
1. Duhibou Doorman Padmay-ET, Alyson Phillips & Makayla Osigna, New Bavaria, OH; 2. Quietcove Foxys Talapeno, Quietcover Holsteins, Wapakoneta, OH; 3. Quietcove Foxys Lollipop, Quietcove Holsteins, Wapakoneta, OH; 4. Brooview Rocket Queen, Triple-T & Eric Havens, North Lewisburg, OH; 5. Wabash-Way Beemer Nora, Wabash-Way Holsteins, LLC., New Weston, OH.

11 Winter Yearlings
1. Ms T-Triple-T Pokerface-ET, Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewsiburg, OH; 2. Welk Shade Sid Kit, Charles Gleisner, Greenwich, OH; 3. Brookview AR Likeable-TW, Laurie Menzie, White Light Holsteins, McClure, OH; 4. Topp-View Atwood Lisa, Topp-View, Botkins, OH; 5. Plainfield Beemer Ginny, Plainfield Farms, Belmont, OH

8 Fall Yearlings
1. Toppglen Defiant Wowwee, Toppglen Farm, New Bremen, OH; 2. Scratchwell Ladd Rockin RC, Matt Oechsle, Van Wert, OH; 3. Futurama Brady Nikete, Jeff Knoop, Fletcher, OH; 4. Ren-Bow Savior Pixie, Steve Bowen, Rockford, OH; 5. Express-SMD Dillon Aida, Express & Stna-Mar-Dale, Urbana, OH

Check back for more show coverage on tomorrow's cow classes and the HolsteinWorld Exclusive for additional show coverages.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mid-East Summer National Junior Show

Roger Turner of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, judged the Mid-East Summer National Show held in conjunction with the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, July 28.

Taking top honors of both the National Junior Show and Ohio State Fair was Ms Brookview Scardycat owned by Kris Ackley and Garrett Havens of East Liberty, Ohio. She is a Butz-Butler ATwood Brady-ET Junior Two who returns to the shavings fresh off her 2016 Jr. All-American Summer Yearling nomination.

Reserve honors for the Mid-East National went to Ackley's Dempsey 4-Year-Old, Drewholme Depmsey Alcen. Honorable mention was the Mid-East National 2nd place 4-Year-Old, Wildina Atwood Cindy, also owned by Ackley.

Grand of the Ohio State Fair Junior Show was Ackley's Junior 2-Year-Old and the first-place 4-Year-Old, Miley Gold Chip Gazella-TW exhibited by David Miley of West Salem, Ohio.

Junior Champion honors went to the fancy Doorman Spring Yearling exhibited by Alyson Phillips of New Bavaria, Ohio, Duhibou Doorman Padmay. The Winter Yearling, Toppglen Awesome Wildflower, owned by Marissa Topp of New Bremen, Ohio took Reserve Junior Champion honors of the National Show.

Here are the first place animals in each class:
Jr. 2-Year-Old: Ms Brookview Scardycat, Ackley & Havens, East Liberty, OH

Jr. 2 winning udder

Sr. 2-Year-Old: Beardsly Atwood Gwynne-ET, Victoria Deam, Sugarcreek, OH

Sr. 2 Udder
Jr. 3-Year-Old: Mar Ste Gold Chip Cher - Allison McCummins, Sidney, OH

Jr. 3 udder
Sr. 3-Year-Old: Marste Atwood Dew, Madelyn Topp, Wapakoneta, OH

Sr. 3 udder
4-Year-Olds: Miley Gold Chip Gazella-TW, Miley (Ohio Jr.)/2nd OH & 1st Nat:
Drewholme Depmsey Alcene, Ackley

4-yr udders
5-Year-Old: Aurora-Rama Ava-ET, Ashley Hawvermale, Wooster, OH

5-Year-Olds udders
Aged Cow: Craggan Goldwyn Zing, Kris Ackley, East Liberty, OH

Aged cow udders

Spring calf: Topp-View Atwood Eloquence, Keaton Topp, Botkins, OH
Winter Calf: OH-River-SYC Soloman Be, Emily Deam, Sugarcreek, OH
Fall calf: Bulldog McCutch Jade, Tim Gunkelman, Burbank, OH
Summer Yearling: Ree-Kay Kingboy Cace, Hayden King, West Liberty, OH
Spring Yearling: Duhibou Doorman Padmay, Alyson Phillips, New Bavaria, OH
Winter Yearling: Toppglen Awesome Wildflower, Marissa Topp, New Bremen, OH
Fall Yearling: 1st Ohio - Toppglen Defiant Wowwee, Brennan Topp, New Bremen, OH/ 2nd OH & 1st Nat:
Scratchwell Ladd Rockin, Korey Oechsle, Van Wert, OH